Opinion Columns

The following are a sample of columns written during the course of my MEJO 358: Opinion Writing class at UNC-Chapel Hill in the spring of 2018.

February is the Worst


You gonna eat that?


Not Even If You're the Last Male Rhino on Earth


Assorted Academic Works

The following are a sample of papers written over the course of my college career, across multiple disciplines.

The final paper written for PHIL 362: Contemporary Ethics:



The culmination of a semester-long ethnographical research project for ANTH 625: Ethnography and Life Stories:

A Quarter And Counting_ Haani Husain


A comparative literary analysis paper written for MEJO 448: Freedom of Expression:



A research paper for ANTH 143: Human Adaptation and Evolution:

ANTH 143 Paper 1_ Lang & Cog in Nonhuman Primates


The midterm paper for PHIL 160: Introduction to Ethics:

PHIL 160_Midterm Paper_Final Draft