Assorted Academic Works

The following are a sample of papers written over the course of my college career, across multiple disciplines.

The final paper written for PHIL 362: Contemporary Ethics:



The culmination of a semester-long ethnographical research project for ANTH 625: Ethnography and Life Stories:

A Quarter And Counting_ Haani Husain


A comparative literary analysis paper written for MEJO 448: Freedom of Expression:



A research paper for ANTH 143: Human Adaptation and Evolution:

ANTH 143 Paper 1_ Lang & Cog in Nonhuman Primates


The midterm paper for PHIL 160: Introduction to Ethics:

PHIL 160_Midterm Paper_Final Draft



Opinion Columns

The following are a sample of columns written during the course of my MEJO 358: Opinion Writing class at UNC-Chapel Hill in the spring of 2018.

February is the Worst


You gonna eat that?


Not Even If You're the Last Male Rhino on Earth