They Named Me Vicki


“My parents named me Vicki for a quick victory over fascism. I was born to conquer fascism and racism and militarism and all the -isms my parents were concerned about in those days.”

Vicki Ryder, 76, has been an activist all her life. Today she plays a critical role in several social justice organizations, including the Raging Grannies, Poor People’s Campaign, and Veterans for Peace. She is a skilled writer of both protest music and letters to the editor, and a dedicated mother and grandmother. Her lifetime of service is a testament to her compassion, strength, and fearlessness in the face of a world that needs her now as much as ever. Despite the trials of age and womanhood, Vicki continues to fight for all those who cannot fight for themselves.

This short documentary was filmed and produced in the fall of 2018, as a semester-long project during the capstone course (MEJO 681) for my Photojournalism major.


“I Go Among Trees” by Wendell Berry: interpreted


This short film was created for an assignment in another video course (MEJO 582) in the spring of 2019. It is a visual interpretation of the poem, “I Go Among Trees” by Wendell Berry.


Live to Grow


Michael Waltuch has lived a long life full of study, exploration, and innovation.

His newest project, in partnership with a pair of long-time friends, is the planting of a vineyard on Catawba Farms, where they already have a winery, a brewery, a historic inn, and a wide variety of friendly animals, big and small.

Despite the inevitable challenges of this endeavor, Michael embraces the process and relishes in trying his hand at something new. He humbly views himself as a steward of the land and values the opportunity to connect deeply with the earth and all of its living creatures.

He looks forward to providing a place where people can come, celebrate, drink a glass of thoughtfully crafted wine, and be at peace.

This third video was only the second I ever made, my first on a DSLR camera. It was produced in the summer of 2018, during an intensive, week-long crash course on video storytelling called the Carolina Photojournalism Workshop. The full collection of short films from the community of Hickory, North Carolina, can be found here. My individual piece is featured above.